Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coda: On being thin

In having my first post read back to me, I realized that some may come to the conclusion that I don't like thin.  That would be an incorrect conclusion.  I have friends who are naturally thin, and who I find quite attractive in their thinness. What I find problematic is not that some women are (naturally) thin, but rather that there seems to be an overriding theme in popular media that thinness is, somehow, a prerequisite to being beautiful.

I say that it is not.
I say that women of various shapes and sizes can be (and often are) exquisitely beautiful. Christina Hendricks of the "Mad Men" series is an example of a non-thin woman who is getting publicity for her beauty (In this case, she was chosen to represent the '50s/'60s standard of shapely beauty, which is quite different than the current standard).

Marilyn Munroe (wikipedia) is a perfect example.  Considered one of the most sexy women of the 20'th century, she was somewhere between a size 8 and a size 12 -- compared to today's commercial standard of size 0 or 1.

If her clone were to arrive at a casting agency today, they would probably show her straight out the door again .... But that still doesn't stop her from being considered beautiful by millions of people.


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